From: Reagan Reid (
          O.K. I told myself that I wasn't going to post my own bio because
  I wasn't sure what to include, but all you lovely ravers have given me some
  good ideas of how to start, so here it goes:
           I am Reagan Louise Reid, 5'8" with short brown-auburn hair no 
tattoos and just a little ole' belly-piercing. Even though I was raised 
during the blissful ;( Reagan years, I wasn't named after de man. I was 
named after "the Exorcist"; my parents thought that Linda Blair's 
character was cute( before the possesion). I'm 1/4 Irish, 1/4 Italian, 
1/4 Czechoslovakian, 1/4 Yugoslavian.  
          I live in Concord with Black Adder, who is quite dedicated to 
helping with visuals at F&F. I go to DVC in Pleasant Hill and have about 
1-1/2 years left of gen. ed before transferring to the 4- year state 
college of my choice( dunno yet ). I am REALLY interested in Psychology 
and have declared it as my major. I think with all the bios I've been 
reading there should be some kind of online Psych. majors support group:).
        I moved to Suisun, C.A. about 2 years and 2 months ago then to 
Vacaville then  on to Concord. I came from A *REALLY* small 
redneck-tobacco-spitting- society called Stafford, Virginia. How I made 
it out alive; could not tell ya; but I did make it to C.A. 
        My first rave ever was Future in Maryland- May 1993. It was one 
the mainstream $20-$30 parties that i found myself at because I had no 
other outlet to get info. Needless to say I never saw the same person, 
except for those that went with me, twice :(. Now my first REAL rave was 
a FMR in Sacramento in June of 1994. Outside and right near the river.
I was wired 100% and stayed awke well into the following evening. I was 
like a little girl who had discovered Elmo( LOVE him) for the first time!
Since then I 've been raving my ass off. Oh I love ,LOve it ,LOve it. 
I've never been involved with such a scene that I can let go of any and 
all inhibtions( like the hot springs at BM) and fears  and hey be 
MYSELF ; what a concept !!!. I would say that my most liked DJs are: 
Ethan-I listen to that damn Technosis tape everyday-, Carlos and Galen. I 
know that there are MORE out there. A great DJ to me is one that no 
matter how tired I am I will pick myself up and dance. It's just that 
certain beat or just when the music is about to go off that drives me nuts.
I love ,I love It I lo_ Oh I already said that.
   Well there is alot more I can write but I could go on and on.......
   I consider myself a real and friendly person and will talk to anyone.
   See all of you on Saturday!!!! 
            Sending HUGS galoooreeee,