From: (Paul Richard)

I'm a member of the Over 40 Posse, having been born in Washington, DC in
1950.  Grew up, went to school, and generally worked on the East Coast until
1986, when I fulfilled a lifelong dream and moved to SF with my lover, and
worked for a large law firm that shall remain nameless to protect the guilty.

In March of 92, I went to the AIDS Dance-a-thon, so that my pledges would
get their $2,000 worth of shakin my booty.  (Yes, being a lawyer at a large
law firm has some benefits!)  The dance ended too early so I went to
whatever gay venue that was then occupying Townsend St, where I met Ken (aka
Songman), who asked me if I wanted to go to a smaller party with him.  (BTW,
anyone know what became of Songman after to Waterworld bust?)  Anyway, it
was my first rave, and my introduction to many of you.  Many memorable raves
from that summer - Vision, Let Freedom Rave, one out in Tracy - the dust
from that one is still in my car door jamb, and prolly still in my lungs,
raving at the Russian River with the Ameba gang, Come Unity on Election
Night, 1992, New Year's Eve, 1992-93 (and my almost divorce for staying at
the EndUp until 4 in the afternoon without calling!)

Having caught the political bug during the 92 campaign, I moved back to DC
in January 93 to work for the Administration.  I was in the White House for
2 years, where I got to take a few ravers around (hey, Susie!) and to have
my picture taken wearing an Ameba sweatshirt while standing at the podium in
the White House Press Briefing Room.  I also got to invite the Prez to
attend a rave that took place right down the hill from Camp David - he
didn't go, but was amused by the invitation.

I'm now working for one of the many government agencies (more on this if you
ask).  And as I read your bios, I realize how much I miss all of you.  I'll
be in SF over Columbus Day weekend for a wedding, and maybe will be able to
escape for a party.  I hope to see and meet you all very soon.

(Raver in the White House)

P.S.  Love, peace and prosperity to Brian and Laura as they begin their
(legal) lives together.  May you enjoy a lifetime of happiness together!  If
you feel the molecules around you at Bonny Doon tingling, it's just me
dancin with you.
Paul Richard

Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita
mi ritrovai per una selva piu' bella,
che la diretta via era scoperta.