From: (Bret Lee)

Bret Lee, 28, SWM, 5'9", 150lbs, brown hair/eyes, usually have some form of
facial hair from a full beard to a lower lip triangle thang.

Started combining chemicals and dance music at clubs, illegal parties or
anything with a DJ, in the early 80's shortly after doing the punk thing(I
tripped hard at a Better Living Through Chemistry at the On Broadway when I
suddenly truly realized just where I was/ had been 12 years ago jumpin' off
the speaker cabinets -- it was briefly like existing at two places in time at
once.)  While still in high school I bought a keyboard, drum machine and a
Commodore 64 (and it wasn't paid for by my parents or a job, hmm....)
 Electronic music and computers stuck so I tried to get a degree in CompSci.
 Summer of 88 I went to London and of course wanted to go out, little did I
know it was the "Summner of Love."  Wound up at Trip at the Astoria which was
an absolutely MASSIVE acid house fuckin' RAVE -- I'd never been to anything
that big let alone with DA vibE -- blew my brain completely and permanently.
 Came back and tried to explain it, only managing to convince people I was
nuts until I discovered that it was here too just a leetle bit more
undaground. Still driving down from Sacramento where I was going to school at
this point.  Briefly moved to L.A. in 91 where I released a couple of records
with a friend rapidly plunging into junkie-dom -- bad business move.   Moved
back to SF and got a  job at a music software company, Passport Designs,
where I still work today.  I get to travel as part of my job to music trade
shows here and in Europe.  Meeting ravers(especially netravers) in other
places has had such a deep impact on me.  Really feeling first hand the
global nature of this culture fo ours is a wonderous thing.  If you ever
travel -- get in touch with people there via the big ol' Net (or walk into a
DJ record store) you will be amazed!  I've been on sfraves since I don't know
when(I used to be   FMR, Wicked, Basics, that one
New Year's Eve Gathering, Floppys, ComeUnity, Parties in the Park, LiquidAir,
F&F, Sunset, and a hundred more.  Jeno, Garth, Markie, Thomas, Tony, Simon,
Josh, Buck, Alfie, Galen, Ethan, Solar, Dan, Carlos, DRC, and so many more I
know I just forgot.... 
I plan on releasing some new music I've been working on soon.  
Raving is as spiritual as I get and guess what? I'm getting more spiritual
everyday :-)
Forever seeking and trying to increase the vibe, Love this city, love you