From: Fred Heutte (

at 7 am on the morning of June 1, 1993, me and M and P-ter were shuffling
through the mist out to the parking lot of the Sonoma County Fairgrounds
at the end of Get Down Get Down Get Down Get Wicked.  I'm sure I had this
dazed look on my face, because even after a year of seriously going out
to raves and other events I'd had my mind pretty well blown in the old
armory building with the nice neon sign above the entrance naming it as
the Grace Pavilion.  This was the night that I actually left the smaller
building where Doc Martin was just rockin' the joint with the biggest
phattest vibe factor I've ever seen on the dance floor (and doing it with
just one speaker stack as I believe Markie had blown the other one when
*he* went over the top in his set!), to go back into the Grace Pavilion.
I don't know for sure who the DJs were in there but I believe in retrospect
it was Buck and Barry Weaver.  Well, there was the biggest wall-o-sound
I've *ever* seen at an SF party, a huge set of screens hanging from the
ceiling in this old armory with really great projections, gigantic fog
machines and a wonderful Windows-controlled laser projection system that
I'll always remember as the very first Windows program I ever saw that
didn't have *any* icons.  There were maybe 150 people in this huge hall
with this huge sound and light show just exploding around me, and I danced
and sat right in the middle of the whole experience like the universe
swirling around me and got THAT kind of feeling that never happened even
at the very best Dead shows I've been too . . .

. . . and after it was over, we walked out in the morning misty rain and
P-ter said, mostly joking, "Well, did it change your life?"

And I looked at him and M and kind of grinned and said,

"Uh, YEAH!"


When I asked him about it recently, Barry Weaver said he didn't really
remember all of this except that it was a really crazy party :)