From: (Martin)

My name is martin. I'm 36 yrs 5'10" 145lbs very short brown hair (the grey
has not completely taken over yet).

I'm a self employed software developer living on Potrero Hill in SF. I've
lived here for about 15 yrs but originally from Eugene Oregon where I studied
Physics, Mathematics, and other nerd related stuff :).

Moved to the Bay area in the early 80's during one of the Silicon Valley
Booms (boy was work plentiful back then). Got heavily into Macintosh
computing and software development  for the data acquisition, process
control, and image acquisition and analysis markets.

Started out in the early 80's frequenting punk clubs like Mabuhay Gardens
(Fab Mab), Tivoli, On boradway... as well as the other end of the spectrum
for dancing like the old I-beam (anybody remember what it was like around
1982?) and some of the more underground wharehouse parties like Anon and oh
well I don't even remember the names anymore. Boy am i showing my age.
Annyway, in the mid-late 80's got burnt out, big time, from all the coke and
speed that was so prevalent wherever I went. I guess what really stopped me
from going out for years was the attitude thang that happened here in SF with
all the clubs and undergrounds. That attitude being the "Velvet Rope" thing.
VIP rooms etc. If you look "cool" enough you could get in. What a bunch of
BS. So anyway I took several years off from going out. (I also fell in love
and that may have had something to do with it :)

About two years ago I went to a YSH (Your Sisters House) party and was
totally blown away at the positive attitudes and acceptance of complete
strangers. I went a little reluctantly knowing only one other person that was
suppose to be there. It took all of about a minute before I was completley
comfortable and out tearing up the dance floor. Maybe it was the door diva
who greeted me with a big smile and a blow pop. (Thanks YSH :) I heard about
the SFRaves list that very same week som some hacker zine I picked up ( the
same zine had an article by Laura on how to start DJ'ing). I joined the list
and thats it.

Some of my favorite parties/events have been... F&F, SPAZ (last summer at
Kalesa I really miss it!), the Jungle, Black Diamond...

Spare time activities :SNOWBOARDING!, organic gardening in one of SF's many
community gardens, good food/cooking, hiking, and at least a month a year in
the islands (warm water snorkeling, waterfalls and rainbows)...

One of my main attractions to this list/group is the PLUR which is not only
preached but practiced...