From: mr bill (

OK, I suppose I'm more of a lurker, but I'll post a bio nonetheless, I 
think this is a great idea BTW...

Name:		DJ Mr. Bill / Bill Tanksley

Occupation:	DJ of seven years, college student (UNC-Greensboro)

Description:	oh, about 5'6" tall. 135 pounds. very short brown hair, big
		blue eyes.

What I do: 	Well, North Carolina is a big college state, so that 
		explains why we have such a strong scene here (there's lots of
		people in the 18-25 age group). During the week I stay busy
		with school, I'm taking 18 semester hours this fall. On 
		Thursday nights I DJ at my resident spot, "Lift". It's more
		of an intimate club, not very big, but that's a nice contrast
		to the other NC clubs, where you're lucky to see the DJ's
		silouette 2 floors above you. On Fridays I either spin at
		Babylon (my other regular spot & our hottest club), or
		out-of-town. Saturdays are usually out-of-town gigs as well.
		In upcoming weeks I'll be in Tampa (Florida), Salt Lake City,
		Baltimore, Atlanta and here in N.C. Also, I'll be spinning a
		HUGE local party with Funky Techno Tribe on October 7th, and
		we're having the Wicked posse host a party here on October
		27th at Babylon.

Why am I on SFRaves?:
		Good question. I started subscribing to this list last summer.
		I came out there to do a few gigs, and wanted to get a 
		feel for the scene, which is very different in some ways 
		than on the east coast. Thus, after all these months, I'm 
		still on the list, as well as SE-RAVES, FL-RAVES (Florida),

		"Sightings" on Fox; Schlitz Malt Liquor in the new 20 oz.
		bottle; my girlfrind Devina; wasting time on the 'net; 
		getting my groove on; buying records until I'm broke;
		Jerry Springer; my cats Chelsea and Athena; cleaning my
		apartment (not really a hobby, but I'm a clean-freak); 
		shopping; playing good mix tapes in my car and taking the
		long way home; getting the DJ's together for a nice 
		meal out before a really good party; mailing out tapes 
		(it never ends!)