From: (Monica and Tom)

monica: (monicat)

hmm...let's see...born 9/17/70 in brooklyn, grew up in nj...went to 
rutgers college (with a brief time in england where i started raving :) 
), degrees in women's studies and history... did a lot of 
radical/political organizing there, too (pro-choice, anti-sexism, 
anti-intervention stuff, mainly)

discovered raving in 1992 in england, tho i guess technically i made my 
own rave sometime in '89 (?) by bringing a boom box with early acid house 
to a little park :) 

moved to sf in the summer of '93, ,met tomcat at a Your Sisters' House, 
and then started working with YSH til the work with f&f 
frequently, tho a back injury has prevented me from doing as much as i 
want or going out that much...

i also do a lot of anti-police brutality organizing now (helped start 
ACtion for Police Accountability, email me for more info), ever since the 
SFPD raided my friend's Visual AID benefitJNew Years Ball...

i like kitties.   i'm a pagan.  and an anarchist.  and pansexual.  
love acid hose, acid trance, pwog, richie hawtin...ambient, too , but 
that's such a broad category... favorite djs:  alex (ex-gaia mantra), joe 
rice, junior vasquez...and tomcat :)