From: "Mark Camp" (

Here's my Spec Sheet:

Im 24. Born in Paso Robles, CA on Nov 21,1970.  Moved to and grew up in San
Jose when I was around 2.  I now live in Santa Cruz and work in Scotts Valley
at E-mu Systems.  E-mu Systems is maker and manufaturer of Sampling
keyboards/modules and synthisizers and digital recorders and multi-media
stuff.  I'm in Tech Support which means I tell people how to use our stuff all
day long.  I also monitor Internet and E-mail questions.

I have short brown hair, glasses, 3 holes in my left ear and one in my belly. 
And a recently aquired cast on my right arm (broke my wrist last thursday). 
I've been raving for about 4 year.  My first party was the Gathering.  Must of
been in '91.  And I've been hooked ever since.  Fondest party memories were at
a warehouse in South San Jose off of.......shot, cant remember the name of the
street.  They used to have a lot of parties there.  There was this big Sail
Boat in the middle of the floor that everyone danced on.  I dont make it up to
SF as often as I used to but if there is a party in Santa Cruz, You'll find me

I write ambient music under the name Astronout (its supposed to be spelled
with an 'o' as in -out, not -aut.  But people still call us Astronaut
anyways).    I also do some House and crazy Techno stuff.

Outside of dancing and raving and what not, I enjoy skate boarding (hence the
broken arm!)  walking on the beach, movies, all types of music 'cept country
and Queensryche or Rush. And I probably watch way too much TV.