From: Chris Lindboe (

        I know you guys might be getting bored of bios, but I probably
should post one to let you know that I'm here.

        I was born in 9/8/77(right, I turned 18 a few weeks ago)... I have
been going to raves for about 2 years, but I've only gone to a few major
ones. I am really into the scene, though. 

        Most of the major ones I've gone to were Bonny Dunes and Santa Cruz
stuff. I just started my freshman year here at UC Berkeley and I want to get
into the SF rave scene since it is alot bigger than Santa Cruz's. I'm not
sure to how illegal I can talk over this email so I'll kick back and see
what you guys do.

        But I really am into raves and have a lot of friends into it from
Santa Cruz and here at Berkeley. I hope you don't mind that I'm probably
younger than most of you.

        I am really, REALLY into music. I can play guitar, bass, trombone,
trumpet, tuba, and baritone horn. Music is my life. I am into all styles. I
will probably major in music. My main instrument is guitar. I am also into
quirky old synth stuff, and quirky old guitar effects which I collect. So if
any of you are into music, or need a guitar or bass player of any instrument
for something, just talk to me. 

        -Chris (