From: Rikki Kiefer/SYBASE (


As some of you may already know, my name is Rikki Kiefer, I live in Oakland 
near Rockridge and I'm an Administrator for Lead Generation Marketing @ Sybase, 
Inc.  I'm 28, 5'5", petite, dark red/burgundy hair, flashy green eyes, 
double-pierced nose, big warm grin and heart!

I just recently started working with Sybase and learning all about software and 
computers, and I'm absolutely nuts about it!  I hope to transfer into one of 
the engineering depts. where they'll train me to program and do product 
design.  I'm becoming somewhat of a technofile and am trying to find a way to 
integrate my computer/music/design interests.  

I used to go to raves back in the early 90's, stopped for awhile and just 
started again this summer.  I kicked it off with The Orb, which was great but 
not as good as the '93 show.  Nation was the most impressive rave I'd been to 
in a long time even though it was a bit larger than what I like.  I've been to 
a couple Wicked parties, Stompy Stomp, Tribal Funk, Sunset and Spundae...all 
pretty impressive, but I thought the Wicked parties had the best vibe.  Simply 
love all the music, but especially the hard thumpin' and pumpin'.

Even though it sounds like it's becoming a bit trendy, I too want to learn how 
to DJ more than anything.  

I'm a dancing fiend, but work, the toll massive partying takes on my body, and 
the expense doesn't afford me to go as often as I'd like.  Also, like I said in 
my post, 'Meet Me!', I don't find people that often to go with... so 
people...drag me out more often!!!

Like I said before, "I feel like a lost nomad searching for my tribe"... so I'd 
like to share my take on the rave scene with ya all.  I posted it in, "You 
Gettin' This?"  Love ta hear some ideas on the subject from you alls.  Thanks 
sooo much for Phuture's response...I really appreciate it.

 WHOA!  I *just* felt and earthquake over here in Emeryville...anyone else?  
Yikes!!!  1:38 PM.  9/13

Peace, Love, Friendship, Dance