From: Dana Kernan (

My name is Dana.  

Perasonal Info:21 years old, 5'7", weigh 125lbs., have short black hair, 
brown eyes, freckles on my nose and a few tats.....I work for a local 
telecommunications company.

I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana..The reason I subscribe to SFRavers is 
because I am planning a trip and SF is the place I want to be...I would 
eventually like to live there, but I am going to take my vacation there 
first to check it out(I have never been before!)

I went to my first rave about 2 years ago and knew that it was for me!  
That was one of the best nights of my life...The problem is that there 
aren't many ravers in this part of the country and it takes us a while to 
raise the funds to have a memorable rave....Even so, I don't think our 
raves come close to ya'lls.  The raves you describe seem magical, almost 
impossible.  I am moved by every post I read.

Aside from working and raves(the few we have), I love eating good food, 
reading inspirational works, and being around good people...

I hope I can make plans with some of you during my trip, maybe you can 
give me the reasons I need to stay!!

peace and love