From: Doug Fairclough (

i didnt know jack about raving or trance or ambiant or A until i started 
working at hotwiiiyed about 4 or 5 months ago.  i strikes me as fascinating
that you can wonder around for years completely oblivious to expressions of
yourself that all of a sudden, booom, by a quirk of random fate, you are 
turned onto.  it makes me feel humble.  and keeps my eyes open !

the first time i heard ambiant was when brianb would pop cd's on at hotwiyed.
i couldnt make any sense of it.  at all.  but then one particular sound on
a SeeFeel cd jerked me.  i borrowed it.  i put it in my car cd player, and
drove up to Tahoe.  As i drove out to Heavenly to shred, i put it on, and
then completely tranced out to it.  i didnt even realize it, but then, i
went to get out of the car and fell down in the street !  so soaked was i,
and the world looked strange like i was in a dream and i could not 
remember anything about the drive there.  shit.  

my first rave was an outdoor, Frequency 8 deep in the woods in Marin.  I 
took a hit of acid.  the glow of lights within the darkness bit me.  I 
danced and lost myself in it.  i would stop and wonder what i looked like
dancing.  i was quite afraid !  i looked for someone i knew but knew 
no one.  then someone hugged me, and my sense of self returned.  shit.

it's been a journey since then.  still is.  i am fascinated with dance and
loosing yourself in it.  it seems primal.  it's very real.  i have never 
known moments of tranquility and peace as when i am at a rave and everyone
is smiling and feeling the vibe.  i feel closer to people and special that
i can feel something like that with other people, and have that feeling 
translated and experienced with other poeple.