From: (Karen)

Well, why not.  After all, I don't get down there very often from rainy ol'
Vancouver (gotta buy a plane!) and so don't get to meet half as many of you
as I'd like ...

I'm a 26 year old Canadian/Scottish lassie, 5'4" or so, long straight red
hair, green eyes, tattooes, body piercings, the whole shebang.  I live by
myself with three cats named Nineveh, Morphia and Drucilla, and a white rat
named Spoosh.

Currently I work as a graphic designer with a small print shop, also I'm
sort of a landlady as I lease the basement of my house out.  I do a lot of
work with the Northwest raves mailing list with photography and doing the
ID laminates.  If any of you Vrave, I'm Pounce!

Musicwise, I tend to be into trance & goa & ambient .... stuff with more
flowing melodies and sensual beats.  I like things that are sparse yet
intricately layered, if you know what I mean ... I write and record my own
music, playing keyboards, bass, flute, some guitar and I sing.  :)  I don't
like exclusively "rave" music though, having great fondness for Pink Floyd,
The Doors, Grateful Dead, disco, The Police, Soundgarden ..... and

I'm fascinated with people and language and communication ... I love to
talk to people ... especially I enjoy rounding up a bunch of folks after a
rave who I've never met before, and taking them home for tea and chillage!

Other shit I like includes cooking, massage, paleontology, entomology,
flying kites, doodling cartoons, bike riding, snowball fights, astronomy

Hope to meet more of you awesome sfravers next time I'm down your way ...



         Ladies.  Gentlemen.  Shhh.  This is the way truth is.
           You've got to let those strange hands touch you.

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