From: (Joe Rice)

I guess I'll jump in the fray -

Joe Rice, born 7/25/72 in Salem, Oregon - I'm 6'5, 210#, brown hair,
glasses sometimes. Started raving April 1992 at Circa '92 when I lived in
LA. Got sucked into it and haven't outgrown it yet. =) Started DJing about
a year later so I could play Chime and Papua New Guinea back and forth as
much as I wanted. =)

Threw a few parties in LA, which made me lose respect in promoters in
general, but then started working with the Justice League in Santa Barbara
and I regained that respect. *Contrary to popular belief I never lived in
Santa Barbara, however*

I moved up to SF in 9/94 and have enjoyed meeting numerous SFravers at the
wide variety of events up here. My life has also been greatly enhanced by
getting to work with the F&F crew.

Music wise, I like dubby ambient and Detroit style techno/deep techno with
forays into techno bass/electro and funky acid house stuff. With the
occasional gabber polka, of course. =)

Favorite DJ's: Tony, Monty, Markem, Mark E. Quark.


(:"Oh, the turntables are his instruments!"                                 :)
(:"But I can't tell what sound that record is making!"                      :)
(:"I know! He puts them on and off and you never know! I've never seen      :)
(: anything like it!"                                                       :)