From: (Jocelyn Cordell)


My name is Jocelyn Cordell. I'm 24, 5'2" or 5'3"- I'm 
not sure, ~110lbs last I checked. I have brownish/straightish/longish 
hair and brown eyes. I often wear glasses, because I'm 
nearsighted and I like it- like being able to change 
everything into an impressionist painting just by taking 
them off, too. I was born in wartime in fiarfax county, va;
then moved to Austin, tx at age 5- where i spent my 
formative yrs listening to local bands and dating too many 
guitarists. then onto bryn mawr college, where i majored in 
english and minored in math. then i came here, where i've 
been for 3 yrs.


I am a dilettante in a world of specialists. I guess I prefer 
writing to most things, though. What I want to learn in the 
near future: industrial welding (I have a driving vision of making 
a real-scale Mayan temple out of old, working televisions; that, and 
obnoxious lawn sculptures), and how to use plot in writing. 
I am currently a tech-writer at HaL Computer systems, where 
I do enjoy my co-workers, but hate the actual work- which includes
ALL of the manual pages + 5 sys admin guides (UNIX). If everyone 
would print out a manpage and burn it as a vigil, it would brighten 
my day! (I forgot to take my printed sets to the BM).

i've been raving since i was 3 or 4. whenever my folks weren't around-
i'd hit the stereo and go mad all over the living room. BUT-
i went to my first rave in summer '92 at king st. a friend of mine 
was visiting- we got a fairly gritty hotel room up in the city 
for the weekend and asked the desk guy what we should do- 
thanks desk guy!  I kept coming back for many reasons, but initially
it mostly had to do with the fact that I didn't know _anyone_ 
when i first moved here. i felt safe going to raves by myself 
& it was realy fun, too- whatever i chose. My first great rave 
interaction was at Sharon's Devotion in a field somewhere near 
Stockton. I hadn't quite acclimated to the whole warm during the day,
potentially cold at night SFBA weather thing. I was ill prepared 
and I was freezing. A woman came up and hugged me, having mistaken me 
for one of her friends. I returned the hug- so she didn't know I was 
somebody else until after the hugging was done! We talked a bit 
once she recovered from the surprise. I mentioned I was cold and 
she literally gave me the shirt off of her back. We exchanged #'s 
so I could return the shirt and we've been fast friends ever since.

the list

i've been on for almost 2 yrs. i feel like the old school snuffulupagus of 
the list. i guess i'm a bit of a recluse. i'll be at bonny doon 
this saturday- earlier than later. my doggy girl ursula will be 
with me- she's a large, sweet, black doggie. she loves the people.
i will gladly share my water & oranges. she will gladly share 
sandy slobber, so be careful!

p.s. both ursula and i are fuzzy and squeezable! (and i try hard 
not to slobber even when the set is really good)

i like all kinds of stuff & i often wish that all kinds of stuff 
was really played at raves. if anybody out there is up to the 
challenge- i want to hear some flamenco guitar mixed in!
(find an old record that features los romeros)