From: "Rob Jellinghaus" 

rhythm?  Bio status?  Bio logy?  Bio graphy!  Auto bio graphy, 

My name's Rob Jellinghaus, and I'm a native Californian who was born 
and raised on the east coast (namely, Connecticut).  Great place to 
grow up and be a kid, but out here is the best place on earth to be 
an adult.  I'm 26, 6'4", 145 lbs. (skinnier people than me are hard 
to find).

My first rave was a New Moon gathering last summer at Goat Rock.  It 
was pretty much a religious experience all the way through--the vibe 
from that party soaked into me and is still present.  Sunrise on the 
beach, and frisbee all morning, with house music and crashing waves 
filling the air.  Times like that are precious, and it's been great 
to find a whole community of people devoted to making them happen.

I helped out with the April Friends & Family rave, which was 
transcendent (though hazardous) until the cops showed up, giving me 
my first experience of getting busted--lugging my futons out right in 
front of 'em while, er, flying high.  But it was cool.  I also helped 
out at the last F&F (in Oakland)--outrageous that one was!

Rave music just gets into me right at the base of the skull, and 
takes over the signals between my mind and my body.  It's great to 
dance for hours.  Humans have always known this, and ravers are 
keeping the faith.  Raving's gonna be part of my life for a long, 
long time to come.

I don't get out nearly as much as many of you do, but it's only 
because I've got a full and busy life--currently hacking 3D computer 
games (without explosions or blood in them!) for a San Francisco 
company, riding my mountain bike to work (aaahhhhh).  I've got a Web 
site where I do various writing and sex education projects, and 
there's just not enough time in the day for everything.  I think many 
of you know that feeling.  I live with a housemate in San Francisco 
near Dolores Park.  (Where is the NB lunch again?  Wednesdays at 
South Park near Bryant, is that right?)

I look forward to meeting more of y'all on Saturday!  I can't get 
down there by 1 (meeting a visiting Seattle friend at noon in Palo 
Alto), but I will bring a big smile and some frisbees.  Ain't got no 
laminate, but I'll be wearing a tie-dye which is turned up to 11.

Blessings and peace out to all of us!
Rob Jellinghaus