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OH well, Where do I begin?

My name's Geoff, I'm 6' 5" 250# :) African American Male I'm sorta a rave
"elder" as I will be 39 this January. Hmm, I can't remember my first
"rave" party exactly, I remember my first exposure to SF night life which
was a Do not sit (on the furniture) party back in 88.  I think the first
actual "rave party that I went to was a Toon Town at Big Heart City this
must have been sometime in '91 but I didn't really become a "raver" until
I went to two particular parties, my first full moon rave at
Grey Whale Cove in March of '92 and the Whoopie Ball of that same month.
When I saw all of those people on the beach having fun and dancing in the
moon light and thc cops up top couldn't do a fucking thing to stop it,
I KNEW THIS WAS FOR ME :).  I also had the most incredible experience 
of community and spirituality at the Whoopie ball that it just blew me
away.  I went out to as many parties as i could after that.  I pretty
much prefer HOUSE music in all it's forms but since my major occupation
in the scene is to generate the Vibe, this is possible with any and all
types of music, from HOUSE TO Trance to Hardcore, I do remember seeing
God in the Bass Bins during hardcore techno sets during the Toon Town days
so It's al good.  These days I don't get to go out as much as i used to
having numerous full-time and part time jobs in and out of The Scene.
Some of you have most recently seen me as the "door diva" :) at Wicked.
But I do manage to get out about 4 times a month which is way lower
then 4 times a week which was the the norm in '92 :) Anyways you will
still find me at Wicked, Sunset and Friends & Family, as well as the
FMR and the smaller parties.
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