From: Jonathan Mark Logan (gonzo@leland.Stanford.EDU)

Heya, here goes: 
	My name is Jon Logan.  I'm 6', have brown hair in a lame 
pony tail, glasses, and a generally lanky frame.  I'm 20, although my 21st is 
coming up in two weeks (Sept 28), so you'll certainly find me shaking my 
birthday booty all over the place that weekend.  I'm currently working for 
the Stanford University Medical Center's Networking Team,
MedNet, as an HTML authorer and general roustabout.  I really like my job, 
and I get to use a really cool, powerful computer that inflates my 
masculine aura.
	I'm about to start my junior year at Stanford, and have yet to 
declare a major.  My primary interests include computers (although I 
totally flopped at being a Comp Sci major), film (there is no film dept 
at Stanford), and studio art/design (the art dept at Stanford is quite 
small, and he's probably going to die very soon).  I've recently decided 
to major in Science, Technology, and Society (a cool interdepartmental 
major which lets me take classes in most of the fields that interest 
me).  So I'm pretty excited about that.
  	I'm originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin (where the feminine 
napkin was invented--hooray), and spent most of my life there until 
transplanting myself in San Francisco, the last bastion of resistance in a 
state that's wallowing in depravity and decay... er, something.
	My first rave was in the tiny town of Portage, WI, last June, and 
it was really great.  Ever since I've been hooked on the whole scene.  
	I luckily managed to acquire a car, and since my return to CA, I 
have been boppping all over at Sunsets, FnF, burning man, etc., meeting 
interesting and friendly new people.
	I prefer to dance to hard, acid trance, but thumpin house 
(especially with creamy helpings of fat, deep, bass synth) will get me 
going too.  I particularly enjoy dancing to breakbeats, too, but they 
don't seem too prevalent out here.  I heard a few breaks DJs in the 
midwest, and they kinked my spigot in a big way.  
	My cat, Harley, is my best friend in the world (and is presently 2000 
miles away).  My favorite musician/songwriter/artist/genius is Tom Waits, for 
whom I would give up all the music in the world if I could only listen to 
one person's work.

	Eeek, this is too long.  Thanks for the bandwidth/memories.


	Check out my web site at: