From: (Adam)

Seeing that this weekend is going to be the SFR Massive Gatering  heres my

For the many who don't personally know me Im gonna jump aboard this bandwith
for a bit and give introduction....


Im Adam.  Adam is 5'6" 145lbs. Hispanic.  He is a Front End Manager @
CompUSA. He has been in the scene since 90. I can't even remmeber the first
rave I went to. Although I've been going on strong since then (at least once
a weekend).  I guess the main draw to undergrounds for me was my brother.  He
used to DJ under the guise of Luie Lou and I usually got free 'ins' at these
events... My bro left the scene in 92 or 93 (as the Hype died) and I ususally
DJ'ed @ small parties (X parties as we called em') under the name of Nextacy.
 I generally don't DJ anymore since I don't have 1200's (but I do have the
records still).  For me this is a way of life, I can no longer imagine my
exstance w/o raving...
Favorite cuts are jungle, hardcore and impossibly fast BPMs as well as the
old 909 beats. 
Dancing is my favorite hobby. I grew up around breakdancing and been
intergrating the breakdancing, tribal stompings, and ravedancing styles in to
my own madness =).
I can usually be caught buzzing around a speaker or dancing in front of the
turntables/ dj area for hours on end...

Non-raving hobbies include Martial Arts, reading, chatting in general,
japanese animation and appreciating other music / visual arts.

Fav saying: When we die we turn into frequencies.  Music is everything....

Peace, happiness and wait for 1/2hr after eating until you go into that


C-ya'll @ Cybertrance.....