From: Alissa Feinberg (

You probably won't know me from parties since I haven't been out in a
long, long time, but since I lurk and post to the list a bio may be

I'm an artist. I make steel, clay, glass sculptures... big stuff. I
also paint and draw and print. Current fascination is bookmaking and
I've got a small rusty letterpress which I'm trying to get into working order.

For money I work as a DTP and Page Compositor for Sybex Computer
Books, Inc. in Alameda. [I was a graphic artist and designer here
until they did away with the Graphics department.]

Aside from making art what I like to do: hiking, spend days on the
beach or in the woods with friends, my best frined is Evan, a 4 year
old Boxer dog who goes almost everywhere with me. Listen to music and
make art. LISTEN TO MUSIC AND MAKE ART! That's about it. Oh yeah, I
like to cook fantastic meals and throw dinner parties for my friends.
Herbal medicine & healing.Considering going to school to become a Traditional
Chinese Medicine Doctor.

My Rave History: I went to an FMR a long time ago, maybe '91, at this
swampy area somewhere south of San Francisco (I don't really remember
where).Later that year there was a party in Bolinas near a trailhead.
some guys with an old bus (Josh and CB...are you guys on this list
maybe? I know a friend of yours!) threw it.
The outdoor parties I went to really influenced my life in a
positive way. Even tho' i don't get to so many parties I still feel
that I'm a raver at heart.I love to dance. I love trance.

whenever I *do* get to a party( I *almost* made it to F8 this weekend):
age:31, but look younger; Hair: Dark Brown with red/Auburn
highlights, mid-back length; Eyes: Dark Blue; Complexion: Pale white;
Height: 5'5"; Weight: I dunno! not skinny, not fat. Muscular

My looks are kinda plain, I dress kinda plain. You wouldn't realize
that I'm anything but a nerd until I start one of my giant,
wide-mouth laughs and my tongue piercing catches the light, or until
you talk to me and discover what a true freak I really am.

yikes! this should be enough!

alissa (a.k.a. A)