From: Ethan Miller (

Hello =)

My name is Ethan Isaac Miller. I was born on 5.16.67 in Oakland. I live in
Berkeley now with my lovely wife Jenny, my 4 year old son Andrew, and my 1
year old daughter Shannon.

I spent years -- most of my teenagehood in fact -- as an absolutely
ferocious junkie, and later crackfiend. Boy am I glad I made it.

True love and hard raving saved my life =)

Started going to raves three years ago. First party was a HardKiss at the
Trocadero. Never been the same since. Raving turned me right on with a
hardcore burst of happiness, optimism, and most importantly: creativity.

Started throwing parties and DJing 2.5 years ago. Threw two parties, one
called "Home" and one called "Chez Groove" as well as helping out on "Fluid
Grooves" and many "Liquids" as well as two well known ones at the Third
Wave Dance House, the first of which was great the second of which crashed
and burned totally, but resulted in enough soul searching and public verbal
thrashing to ultimately give rise to the ideas behind and the existence of
Friends & Family, the first of which was on January 15, 1994 at the Blue
Cube in SF...

Friends and Family, sfraves, and the community that has arisen out of and
now surrounds both remain great joys in my life and are indeed what I would
consider my life's work.

It's nice to reflect on these things as we get ready to celebrate the
joining of two people without whom much of this might not now exist.

Congratulations Brian and Laura. Live long and prosper. =)

take it easy

Oh yeah, favortie DJs (in no particular order):

Minor Minor, Joe Rice, Alex Windsor, Bryce, Andrew Astral Matrix,
Allen Ameba