From: Ellen Steuer (

hmmm...let's see.  i grew up in milwaukee, WI where i graduated from high 
school this past june.  in july i moved to SF to work for my bro's 
company cyborganic bu mostly i just worked on my own site for my zine.  i 
do a zine called anonymous and it is online and all.  i call it the sassy 
of rave zines cuz it is a rave zine done by and for girls and stuff:)  i 
was pretty active in the midwest scene when i lived there...i have kinda 
cut back since i have moved to SF but i have been to some seriously 
groovy parties since i have been here.  so now i go to mills college in 
oakland and most of the time i am stuck here cuz i have no car so feel 
free to offer me rides places!:)  i like it at mills.  all the girls are 
really cool ( it is a women's college if ya didn't know) it is kinda too 
PC for me but its all good.  the highlights of my summer were a party in 
july in dayton,OH called fantastic voyage (i got to see all my mw-raver 
friends for the last time for a long time and it was an awesome party) 
and burning mnan which i am sure everyone is sick of hearing about:) i am 
18, really short, big smile, brown hair and stuff.  i gotta go to class 
now so thats all:)  hope to see you all soon if i ever get off this 
campus!  just kidding...i will be at TND tonight;)

have fun


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Ellen Steuer