From: Eric (

Dear Reader,

I'm Eric Hill. I was born in Oakland on March 2nd (Lou Reed and Dr. Seuss),
1968. I have lived in the Bay Area my entire life and I am moving to San
Francisco in three weeks to engage the opportunities of  a major
metropolitan city. Right now I live in downtown San Jose as I have for the
last six years, doing PC tech support, HTML and graphic design/cgi to pay
the bills.

I was introduced to House music through my former housemate Nick Philip who
turned me on to a free show at the I beam in the summer of 1990 featuring
the Inspiral Carpets, a scallie band we both liked. Performing techno-house
artist Adamski opened for them and that sort of opened the gateway for my
affinity towards this style of music. We started going out regularly up to
San Francisco to events like Vivid, the Firehouse, Wiggle It, Wicked, the
Candlestick FMRs, 650 Howard, Big Heart City, One Step Beyond '92, Zanzibar.
These  are the seminal clubs in my raving experiences and New Year's eve
1991/92 at Toon Town was the definitive Rave (Jeno playing Billie Jean? come

Playing true to a raver stereotype in full effect, one August Monday in 1992
I woke up to guns and orders in my sleepy face. I was getting busted.
Flogging wafers and lotus sheets in a suburban neighborhood can have that
effect. This event and it's consequences completely changed the way I looked
at the rave scene, the legal system, drugs and drugs-based
(counter)cultures, reality, society, life, and most of all, how I perceive them.

I DJ techno and avant-chill music. Over the past year or so I've noticed
that most DJs that I see are much better at getting gigs than being
musicians. I think it is the DJs job to go out, wade through and find the
newest and raddest music out there and bring it to the people in the clubs.
If the crowd doesn't want to dance to it, that's their option - at least
they were given the chance to get into something new. I don't get into the
crowd control aspects of DJing that seem to me like a top/bottom power game.
I love my records and I love music, but I'm not a magician. I know this
ain't the dominant perspective.

I am currently learning about synthesizers and playing drum machine so I can
start putting out records. I played drums for 10 years before I got into
raving and I have a lot of ideas about rhythm that have been sitting in my
head for a long time. These will be the records I'm always shopping for, but
never come out. This music will render the 4/4 beat obsolete to all but the
most sentimental of dancers and music fans.

I am ~6' tall, 155lbs with glasses and blond hair. Sometimes I wear a
Madonna shirt, but lately I've been wearing my blue Jack Purcells and a cap