From: (Brad)

        Well i'll make this short as i know from going to Art School that
the thing that artists do best is talk, especially about themselves ;)
        My real name's brad finlay and, right now, i don't live anywhere
near San Fran. I'm in Montreal but i must be somewhat of a masochist to
inflict all of your beautiful postings on myself and not allow myself the
chance to meet you all :) OH well, i just got a job doing HTML programming
(for an online shopping catalogue :P) so i'm planning on a short vacation
(which would hopefully turn into a move at some point) to San Fran for the
early winter :)
        You don't want to know what montreal winters are like :P *brrr*
        I think i'm on this list out of curiosity about San Fran, and the
area being that i am planning a move soon, and also that, to be completely
honest, teh people who post on here and the topics covered blow me away.
It makes it all worth it for me to slog through BSPs for things i can't
attend and reviews that i've never been to :( just to read the intelligent,
mature, 'spiritual' (wish there was a more apt phrase) and open minded
writings of ppl on here. You all are really something, is there something
in the water there? ;)
        So, i graduated from Concordia U in MOntreal w/a Baccalaureate in
Fine Arts, i do graphic design/HTML programming to get by, iv'e got a web
site w/some of my flyers (including some of the progress ones from San
Fran) and the web site is completely self-indulgent so i'll leave it at
that. :) I love dancing, in fact i'm thinking it's a biological necessity
to get your energy flowing again and prevent getting yourself all backed constipation ;) Thing that moves me the most: super hard
chicago acidy house a la Robert Armani, Mike Dearborn, Relief Records,
stuff like that. I also love Autechre, Aphex Twin, Global COmmunications,
The Higher intelligence agency and other 'intelligent' stuff..along with
Muchos Ambientos like Pete Namlook, SpaceTime Continuum, stuff like
        I guess that's about it :)
                peace to all...

        duh! i forgot to mention my web page is at


        doh! :) brad...