From: Doug Zimmerman (

Bio: Rave Style

grew up in Hartford CT, went to school American University in washington dc
for two years.  my freshman year i started going to parties a little 
underground in a parking garage and then Catastrophic Masquerave in Oct. 92
  but the first party i had the slamming time was Ultraworld 2: the Milkyrave
which introduced me.  went insane going to parties getting busted handing
out candy, blowing whistles, dancing on  a ski resort and 2nd/Bowery in New
York City on New Years.  helped start dcraves and throw a few parties on
campus along with some renegades called Mobile Grooves Possee.  
  eventually i got burned out on parties and didnt go as much. i visited
San Francisco a few times and liked the scene here and didnt like the school
i was going to so moved out to San Francisco last year and san fran scene
has become my home.  you guys are jus so friendly ;)

Bio: Personal

 live in CT grew up there.  suffered identity crisis and visited Kenya in 
1991.  changed my life came back went to school in DC loved it and meet cool
people but then moved put to SF and SF State to go to school.  
Photojournalism major, two more years of school.  i love to travel
so after school who knows where ill end up.

  thats a brief intro.  hope to see ya around.  peace

doug  ( )