From: "Diane Tabellija" (

     Thought I'd write a quick bio since it looks my son and I will make it 
     out to Brian and Laura's pre-wedding bash.  Looking forward to seeing 
     y'all tomorrow!
     5' 0", 110 lbs. (Fit but not thin!), Black Hair below the shoulders, 
     Dark Brown Eyes, Dark Complexion (Filipino & East Indian descent), 34 
     yrs old, divorced, one nine-year-old son...hmmm, anything else left 
     out, just ask!
     I'm into and trained in some of the following types of dance:  jazz, 
     tap, modern, ballroom, African, contact improvisation,  folk/ethnic, 
     Latin, authentic movement, etc. and have formed and belong to a few 
     Bay Area dance collectives.  I'm not trained in any particular body 
     therapy but have incorporated some Trager(tm) and Alexander(tm) 
     techniques into dance classes I've taught.  Among the many projects 
     I'm working is one where I'm exploring how to bring that schwa feeling 
     naturally through yoga, body centeredness, group mind, theatre and 
     movement improvisation, music, and dance.  This is in collaboration 
     with a couple of fellow ravers.
     I enjoy all types of music but have a jazz and funk influence.  I play 
     guitar and have had classical and jazz voice lessons but recently have 
     been goofing around w/keyboards, congas, synthesizers, and other small 
     hand percussion instruments at some all night jams.
     I started trancing when I was about 12 during an interpretive dance 
     class at a Catholic school.  Without knowing what I was doing, I 
     became hooked into dance as a release and a form of expression.
     Spiritually, I've explored lots of beliefs and have developed a few 
     gifts that I occassionally share at raves.  These interpretive, 
     calming qualities along with my mothering energies allow me to meet 
     quite a few wonderful people in the rave/party circuit.  I've got a 
     longer bio but I think this'll do for now.
     See ya soon!