From: (John Draper)

Ok,  Ok!!   I guess it's MY TURN...  I suppose I could just do a cop out
and ask everyone to read Hackers by Steve Levy and look inder the index
under John Draper,   but I won't do that...

As most of you all know my now,   my claim to fame was my discovery that
Cap'n Crunch Whistle could send a "Disconnect" signal at trunk level...

Then,  using a blue box tone generating device,  I would be able to dial
any number that operators could,   including internal trunk codes.   Thus
giving me "root" access to the phone company.   I had to serve time in
prison for my deeds,  and had phone hacking school in prison,  where I
went out of my way to teach every criminal I came in contact with on how
to do this.

Lately,  in 1992,   I went to the Toon Town and Cyber Spider raves
(pretty much old school).    I never danced though...   It wasn't until
I started doing my famious wackey exercies that I got strong enough to
dance without excructiating pain,  and dealing with everyone poking fun
at my strange exercises.   Anyways,  I met Geoff White (Raver Jeff) at
a Cypherpunks meeting who seemed to be really well connected with the
scene.   Then,   I learned of the SFRaves mailing list and promptly
joined.    At first,   I would lurk,  like anyone else.    Then I went
to Beltane in may and got my first taste of dancing,   after a long
talk with my personal trainer,   I learned very quickly what my body could
and could not do.   At first,  I would just "shuffle" with the beat,
then pretty soon,   my body just sort of "took over" and my dance style
started having more variaty.

I dropped Kandy flipped at Let Freedom rave on 4th on July (Remember the
hill fire?).   From then on,   my head just started saying over and over
"I have truly found paradise"!!   No other social event ever comes close
to providing me with Friendship,  brotherhood and love,  as well as getting
an awsome amount of exercise.   As I started going to more and more of these,
I started evolving into a much higher physical state...   Now,   as most
can testify,   I have limitless energy.   So,  thanx to those funny looking
exercises,  combined with dancing,   I've found utopia.   Thanx everyone
for accepting me in this awsome community.   I am honored to be a part
of it.

My web page is coming soon,  got some amazing stories I'm telling....