From: (Chris B.)

  Hi, my name is Chris, and I've been interested in techno music and
computers for quite some time now.. I first became interested in the techno
scene around 1988 when my friend Tim Otis turned me on to some "house"
records he had gotten.. Wow. I was hooked..

I really love music, so over the next five years I became more involved
with the various venues around SF, both as a participant and on the
production side of things. In the early 90's SFR was started and I finally
had the chance to combine two of my biggest interests. Some of the venues
I've been involved in were the early Gatherings, ToonTown and the first few
Community parties Some of these events are now legendary. My musical tastes
are pretty diverse, I like everything from pull-out-the-jams jungle and
breakbeat to ambient music, world-beat genres like Balinese and West
African music, and the roots of ambient in classical music.. (My father was
a classical composer, so it's in my blood, so to speak..)

I go into a contemplative mood over classics like Eric Satie's
"Gymnopeides".. Eno's pick as one of his first musical influences..

Big hugs to everyone on what must be about SFraves 5th anniversary!
And congratulations to Brian and Laura! May you have many other happy

-Chris B.