From: (Gary Burns )

Well why not,

	I'm Gary - Scary was an old nickname - Scottish by
	birth, I'll have been living in the Bay Area for a 
	year come the 28th of this month.

	My wife, Leigh Ann, grew up in this area - we met
	in London, lived in Britain for a while, then made
	the move back here. Altough its has its ups and 
	downs, I've never regretted it. 

	Strangely enough, I've been subscribed to this list 
        (on and off) for a good few years now - I remember 
        old rave reports - people talk about the past, and 
	even though I never experienced it, I can relate to 
	names and events. At that time, I rarely, if ever 
	posted. After all, I was several thousand miles 
	away, and had no idea I'd ever end up living in this
	part of the world. 	

	My first rave must have been about six years ago, 
	though for the couple of years before coming here,
	I rarely went out.
	Coming to the bay area has been a revelation of 
	sorts, or perhaps a rebirth. Altough I'm not quite
	the weekend warrior, I head out more often. The 
	scene here in the Bay Area is something very, very

	I've worked in the software industry for the last 
	six years, doing lots of things - I like computers
	and the things people do with them.

	Lookswise, I'm 6'2, blonde (though shaved), and talk
	in a manner that seems, from experience, very hard 	
	for people over here to understand.
	If you see me, say hello.