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Dear All;

	& Hello; latey it kinda seems like people have taken interest in my
personal life, life as raver ...etc. So what do ya want to know, better
yet, what don't ya want to know :). God knows I wouldn't want to torture
people like Dave Alves, with the "clueless" details of my life. = >
(sarcasum present)

	Things like this cause me a great deal of concern. I'm just not
the type of person you can say a few words about, it would just be a waist
of time, and bandwidth for me. There's so much I want to share with the
people I consider family.

	I don't chose to call myself Brian Darkness for not. Being
mysterious is kinda cool, but I'm about shedding light & awareness, even
though I do a good job at shedding darkness, better than a type IV Demon
for those D&Ders out there :). I'm a relativily visible raver on our scene
ta-boot, coming up on almost a year here on SFR, which sometimes I feel,
my silence around ?'s like what do you do, who are you Brian Darkness?
generate suspicion, rather than acceptance, yet the answer's amost always
generate more ?'s going deeper and deeper into my p-life. 

	Let it be known that I have nothing to hide, I not an ax murderer,
or escaped con, and the only people that want me are the Florida State DMV
for a traffic ticket or two I've negelected to pay. But I also warn ya be
careful for what you ask for, you may just get it :). So in the mean time
if curiousity gets the better of ya, go look at Hyperreal Vrave People
Thingee, I forget what its called Laura sorry; the public version's in
there, under ABC, briandarkness. 

	It's hard when things are so personal, I don't want to be mean and 
say that it's none of your bussiness, yet I don't want to lie either, 
cause truth is important to me, more so, being true to thy self is even more.

		 Peace & Love From Across Cyberspace
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