From: "Bliss Tribe Collective" (

First of all let me just say what incredible vibes I've been getting 
off sfraves lately.  It's so great to see everyone so happy and full 
of positve energy.  Thanks to you all.

My name is Scott Rector, aka Scotty, aka DJ Bliss.  I'm 5'11" with 
short curly hair (usually burgundy, sometimes dark blond) I have 
blue-gray eyes, a goatee, and a warm smile that I love to share with 
other happy people.  I wear a floppy velvet hat most of the time, and 
allways when I'm raving.  It's like the ones you see at Ren-Fair only 
better because I make them by hand with great care (BSP).

I grew up in OC and I started raving in LA in 1989.  We didn't call 
them raves, they were Acid House parties, almost allway illegal 
break-in parties thrown in various abandoned warehouses off Alameda 
Blvd in LA.  I moved to SF in 1991 but it took me a while to find the 
scene there.  My first SF rave (and 1st time candy flipping) was 
Wacky Citrus in 92,  It was, and still is, one of the most incredible 
experiences of my life.  I've been to hundreds of parties since then 
but the ones that stick out most in my mind were the first Vision, 
and my first full moon at Bonny Doone in 92 (yes there could easily have been 2000 
people there - MASSIVE!!!).

The things I love most in life are my girlfriend, art, good cooking, 
computers, exploring my spirituality, sensuality, sexuality, 
inteligent interaction with positive, free-thinking, caring entities, 
and music of all shapes, sizes, and colors.  =)
The things I dislike are any close-minded, negative, non-thinking, 
non-caring entities. and music with no shape, size, or color.   :(  
I've been DJing for around three years, though I haven't had many 
chances to spin live.  I love all types of music but my favorite 
music to spin is trance, and progressive house.  I love percussion 
and I like to play stuff that has lots of interesting rythm, the kind 
of groove that gets into your bones and completely entrances you. 

I currently live in Santa Barbara with my beautiful girlfriend Leigh, 
a wonderful, inteligent, warm-hearted, free-spirited, goddess with 
whom I share an open, spiritual, and passionate love.  She has just 
finished her BA at UCSB, and we plan to move back to the city this 
coming spring.

We get up to the Bay Area around once a month to go raving.  
Hopefully we'll get to meet some more of our wonderful sfraves 
familly in the coming months.  

Well thanks to all who read this for letting me share a little bit of 
myself with you.