From: Andrew Knutsen (andrewk@sco.COM)

	Well, it looks like full-fledged intro time, might as well delurk for a 
moment...  start at my start...

	I was born in Kentucky, but after 9 months I decided California
was the place to be so I dragged my folks to Sonoma (wine country), where
I stayed till I was 18.  Then I got a degree in Physics and worked in
Menlo Park for awhile, before moving to Santa Cruz in 1983.  I do
architecture and programming in systems and systems management, mostly
under UNIX.  Networking is my main interest...  I chose my first job
because it was on the Net (in 1980), and believe I've managed to make a
few contributions to the success of the Net since then.

	In my play time I like to be outdoors and around people as much
as possible.  I also read a lot (SF and classics), and have a Windows
box at home to play with things like photoshop, cakewalk (esp.  when I
get my AWE32 running), and various cdroms (delorme has a new set with
the US phone book connected to the US map, with the phone book
searchable by business type and displayable on the map).  And I listen
to music...  recent growth in my CD library has been almost exclusively

	Raves...  my first one was almost two years ago I guess, when
the Universe crew came through Santa Cruz.  It was a small one, but with
a great sound system, excellent visuals and interesting people...
incredibLe.  One of my ambitions is to run the first bar in space (give
me 25 years), and the timeless atmospere of a rave made me feeL like I
was there already (well, the UV lighting and Universe's costumes helped

	I got on sfraves around the time the Zippies came through, in
fact I think it was to find out about the effect they were having (and
to post my own experiences).  Since then I've found it an interesting
and valuable waste of time :-)...  a window into a side of life which is
often difficult to see in the US.  That includes the music, the parties
and the people.  Thanks...


Andrew Knutsen  
Santa Cruz Operation      (408) 427-7538