From: (Matt)

   well my life is far less advanced than most of yours, since I am probably
the youngest person on sfraves.  
         Um...  my name is Matt Brooker. I was born in San Diego, in 1977,
making me 18 years of age!!!!  I moved six times to get here to sacramento.
 finished high school in june, and am going to college in seattle, UW.  

      I have been involved with music my whole life, I have played the
Bassoon for 10 years, and music has always been my life.  I dicovered house
music through a friend many years ago, and have been raving off and on for
three years.  my first rave was a casper rave in 92.  I didn't really start
raving full time until a year ago.  
                     In my spare time(while not raving) I enjoy people,
books, music,and people.  I am really interested in people, the way they act,
the way they interact, etc.  I plan on majoring in psychology, and going to
med school to become a psychiatrist, and use that to do research.  And if
that dosn't work out I am also into the production of music, and may end up
doing something in the music field.  

   so now that I have either completly bored you, or stimulated you, I am
leaving for school on sunday, and will have the same address in seattle if
any of you feel like writing. I havnt decided whether or not to keep sfraves,
but if so, then you will all be blessed by my presence in the future. 
                My bro lives in sf and raves, so I am sure I will be down
raving in the future with my laminate.  

love you all,


i left out some info,   

     i am 6'5", 165lbs, short brown hair(although it can change color) I
ALWAYS have my Grover at raves, and sometimes wear a Grover t-shirt.
 sometimes people even call me Grover.......  My fav. raves include Friends &
Family, Sunset, but I usually go to almost all of them.  Except coolworld,
and scary occurences like that.  fav dj's are:  simon, tony, garth, and
dutch. they always manage to get me dancing.