Welcome to the San Francisco Bay Area RAVE mailing list!

Please read this completely!

SFRaves is a mailing list for discussing the rave / underground / club
/ techno / ambient / jungle / trip hop / tribal / goa / trance / scene
here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The "Bay Area" includes areas as
far north as Eureka, as far east as Sacramento or Fresno, or as far
south as Monterey or Gilroy, and all points in between.

Appropriate topics include:

* Announcements of upcoming Bay Area events.
* Reviews of events/DJ's/new records, etc.
* Related cultural topics.
* Rave-related stories on local TV stations or newspapers.
* Personal introductions and socializing, to a degree.

Things are very loose, but try and stay focused - think of this list
as consisting of people who are interested in raving in San Francisco,
but not necessarily as the only list these people are subscribed to.
There are a plethora of other mailing lists and newsgroups out there -
for example the "idm" and "ambient" mailing lists on hyperreal or
alt.music.techno on USENET. There are also more than a dozen other
regionalized mailing lists out there for different parts of the US
and world.


There are a bunch of general etiquette guidelines I want to make
sure you all have at least heard:

* The list can be very high volume. To keep it usable for as many
people as possible, and so the machine running SFRaves doesn't keel
over from too much traffic, please try and keep your messages to the
point and not overly chatty. If you are responding to a message, keep
the amount of quoted text as low as possible. Try and keep your
"signature" file reasonable, too.

* The list goes to many people, and is also archived for historical
reason; never say anything which you would not want to be seen by
someone far in the future, for example, details of personal drug
consumption, either your own or someone else's. Though I doubt this
is the case, you should assume that law enforcement reads this list.
If you want an anonymous account, check out www.hotmail.com.

* SFRaves is *not* a paging service, nor is it a "chat line" for
one-sentence messages. SFRaves is also not a group therapy support line
- but thoughtful posts about how you have been affected by rave culture
are appropriate, because after all raving is a very personal experience.

* The occasional humorous post or not-entirely-rave-related topic is
fine, but please prefix it with the letters "NRR" in the subject line,
(as in, "Non-Rave-Related") so people who don't want to see that can
filter it out. I.e.

Subject: NRR: a joke...

* Promoting your party, your DJ gig, your new mixtape, etc. are all
fine, but please prefix the subject line with the letters "BSP", as in
"Blatant Self Promo":

Subject: BSP: underground party tonight!

* Offering things for sale are fine, so long as they are marginally
rave-related, such as musical instruments, sound systems, lighting
gear, etc. This time, prefix it with the letters "4SALE", i.e.

Subject: 4SALE: SL1200 turntables.

* Normal etiquette is to wait around 2 weeks or more before you start
posting anything; that ensures that you don't tread on old ground and
that you have a reasonably good idea of the mindset of the list.

* Posting virus alerts is usually not only unnecessary, but can be
bogus and virus-like themselves. For information about bogus virus
alerts check out <http://www.kumite.com/myths/>. Same goes for chain

* Don't forward someone else's private email to the list without
their consent.

It's all about the "R" in PLUR: RESPECT. The fact that email is free
and instantaneous has given us a really great communication system
here - let's not blow it by abusing it.

Please bear in mind that you are entering a virtual community; that
the people here exhibit a friendliness and familiarity with each
other, and while criticism of posts is not discouraged, please treat
other people's posts with the same respect you'd want yours treated.

SFRaves is not a moderated list - everything sent to it will get
reflected out to the other 500 list members. However, only people who
are subscribed to the list (or the digest) may send a message to it -
mostly in an effort to fight spam mail. Since people sometimes change
email address (and sometimes it gets changed without their knowing),
messages can get caught before being reflected and forwarded to me,
the list-owner. I'll either forward them along, or let the person
know why they didn't get forwarded. I will not pass along caught
messages which violate the policies above.

The list-owner has the right to remove someone from the list
who causes problems for others.


There is an incredible wealth of information related to raving, techno
music, and alternative chemistry at Hyperreal, accessible through the
URL < http://www.hyperreal.org > There should be an up-to-the-minute
calendar in there; if you have info on events that aren't listed, send
details about it to the SFRaves calendar maintainer, Karina Powers, at
karina@hyperreal.org. There are also other mailing lists there.

In addition, check out the newsgroup "alt.raves" for non-SF-specific
discussion about raving.


Sf Raves Mailing List

Or, if you want to get on the "digest" version of sfraves mailing list (about 1
digest per day, depending on traffic), send a message to

Similar addresses exist for the digest list:

Calendar Mailing List

If you just want Karina Powers' weekly SF Raves calendar, you can send
a message to majordomo@hyperreal.org with the line:

For a search interface of the calendar, see the Late Train clubs section at

If you think there is a technical problem with the list, send a
message to me at "sfraves-owner@hyperreal.org". I will respond as
quickly as I can.

Enjoy the list!