New Moon Collective

Everyone that comes to a New Moon party is a member of the New Moon Collective, if only just for one night. The New Moon is a collaboration between dj's, guests, random strangers, and the ones that planned the event.

The New Moon Collective is also the central group that does most of the work organizing and setting up the party. For each party, one person within this group volunteers to coordinate everybody else. This person does most of the phone work. He or she has to make sure that everyone involved knows where to go and what to do. The party coordinator also has to be an ace problem-solver, as they say in the computer biz.

We've found out after throwing many events that the event coordinator role requires possession of (1) a telephone (2) an answering machine and (3) the ability to talk people into things. If you are in training for sainthood, you should try being the New Moon Volunteer Coordinator. Or try herding cats. Or wrapping jello with rubber bands.

Other people help out in lots of ways. People make the flyers and pass them around. People bring stuff- like food, water, altar items, gas for the generator, and firewood. People loan us equipment. People help haul equipment to and from the site. People help set up. People spin records and people make the vibe happen. And there is usually one New Mooner who can't make it to the party who takes on the role of the VoiceMail Good Fairy. This person also doubles as the Sfraves Fairy, who makes sure that Cap'n Crunch and other Sfraves luminaries know where the party's at.


The New Moon owes a great debt to the DJs that spin. They're the shamen that keep the movement alive. Among the DJs that have played: DRC, Bonny, Darkhorse, Galen, Joe Rice, Bryce Ryan, Scott and Gavin Hardkiss, Tracy, Ronan, Cyril, Felix, Nick Phillip, Moonpup, Jim Hutkins, Billie Hestor, Scottie and Whatisit, Joe Rice, and BioJeff.

Special Thanks

There are many people that we owe a special thanks. First, we must thank Brian Behlendorf and Hyperreal for providing us resources to build these web pages. We also thank David at WebAware for also providing computing resources.

Joe Rice, Ethan Miller, Pacific, Metrovision/Liquid Air, Mother Earth Sound System, and various DJs and other folks have been instrumental in lending us sound equipment without which we couldn't have a party.

Of course, we must also convey the greatest thanks and gratitude to the people who show up at the New Moon parties, and you for taking the time to visit us on this web page.

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