• Posting virus alerts is usually not only unnecessary, but can be bogus and virus-like themselves. For information about bogus virus alerts check out Virus Myths. Same goes for chain letters.
  • Don't forward someone else's private email to the list without their consent.

    It's all about the "R" in PLUR: RESPECT. The fact that email is free and instantaneous has given us a really great communication system here - let's not blow it by abusing it.

    Please bear in mind that you are entering a virtual community; that the people here exhibit a friendliness and familiarity with each other, and while criticism of posts is not discouraged, please treat other people's posts with the same respect you'd want yours treated.

    FresnoRaves is not a moderated list - everything sent to it will get reflected out to the other list members. However, only people who are subscribed to the list (or the digest) may send a message to it - mostly in an effort to fight spam mail.