There are a bunch of general etiquette guidelines we want to make sure you all have at least heard:
  • The list can be very high volume at times. To keep it usable for as many people as possible, and so the machine running FresnoRaves (along with SFRaves, SacRaves, etc.) doesn't kill over from too much traffic, please try and keep your messages to the point and not overly chatty. If you are responding to a message, keep the amount of quoted text as low as possible. Try and keep your "signature" file reasonable, too.
  • The list goes to many people, and is also archived for historical reason; never say anything which you would not want to be seen by someone far in the future, for example, details of personal drug consumption, either your own or someone else's. Though I doubt this is the case, you should assume that law enforcement reads this list. If you want an anonymous account, check out Hotmail.