hi fellow collector,

firstly respect due to weed for this space. my name is beach and i have been collecting flyers for about nine years and so far i have around 30,000 flyers ranging from 1988 to now from all over. during this time (nearly every weekend for 8 years) i have been traveling to record shops, across england and aboard collecting flyers for myself and other collectors to update my collection. i normally go to london (my hometown) every other week, and also brighton & southampton, so i have a good knowledge of these areas.

during this time i have amassed a huge store(s) of spares (i would pick up about 35-50 of each flyer depending on quality) thinking there would be loads of people who would want to swap with me... i have had some contacts but they have slipped off recently, and to be honest i cant cope with the amount of flyers i have in my collection plus the amount of spares i have. i have had to hire a lock-up to store the spares (roughly about 50 boxes full), so they are getting damp, which is a shame...

what i propose is that if anyone in england wants one of each of these flyers they are welcome to any of them (providing they have flyers that i dont have)... but any non-uk collectors (which also includes the foreign collectors i have dealt with) will have to make a donation for postage... i am sorry i have to do this, but posting abroad has killed me in recent times as i send out hundreds at a time just to get rid of the flyers!!!

so if anyone wants to trade, give me a shout (even the ones from my area!!!)

as they say "i am fared income"


email - borosix@hotmail.com

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