Hey, my name is David Rawlins and I'm a very serious flyer collector from Amsterdam, Holland. I would like very much to exchange flyers. At this moment my collection consists of 4410 different flyers from all over the world, and this number is growing weekly. Important: I ONLY collect: Hardcore, Gabber/Gabba, Happy Hardcore, Hard Tekno, Speedcore, Noise(core), U.S. Hardhouse (like Under Constrution rec.), Old school flyers, (1985-1992). I myself have thousands of these kind of flyers just waiting for you from all over the world (Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switserland, France, Italy, England, Scotland, Wales, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia etc.) So, if you are interested in my flyers and you also have this style for me, send me an e-mail NOW! You won’t be sorry, whether it's a single or long-term exchange, whether we're only exchanging 10 flyers or 200!!!

email - dorawlins@hotmail.com

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