Yahoo - Rochester, NY - 02.22.97

Over 30 people from boston trekked to upstate NY and joined hundreds of others for this cybertribe event organized and DJ'ed by east coast net ravers.

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pictures by natty:

yahoo16.jpg brenna and superkidk -- in car -- on the way ta yahoo!!!
yahoo17.jpg karen and natty --- yahoo!!!
yahoo18.jpg natty, emc, and karen
yahoo19.jpg asterix and emc workin the table!
yahoo20.jpg dan deliverence and emc
yahoo21.jpg jon, wes, and young
yahoo22.jpg two kool kats (kitten and friend!)
yahoo23.jpg sup3rfly2 (derek!) and laser!
yahoo24.jpg WaLdO!!!
yahoo25.jpg sarahs :)
yahoo26.jpg young, john speakman, and chris m.
yahoo27.jpg natty, jammin james, karen (da sugarbaby), and terminata ed!
yahoo28.jpg toby, karen, tom, terminata ed, and gil....and LOOK! it's PrObY in da'back!
yahoo29.jpg karen, natty, and ferris
yahoo30.jpg natty and karen...awwwwww!!!
yahoo31.jpg laser and natty...notice the matching keroppi backpacks!!!!! :D
yahoo32.jpg the lehigh crew....ferris, asterix, and emc...
yahoo33.jpg ferris and natty....:)
yahoo34.jpg jeff da localboy and karen....
yahoo35.jpg karen, young and jon
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