Loud and Clear - Taunton, MA - 03.22.97

An Eye of the Storm Production, 3000+ people, 'nuff said.

pictures by dag:

lc01.gif the flyer (outside)
lc02.gif the flyer (inside)
lc03.jpg chris maxwell organized the event
lc04.jpg the main room was 40,000 sq. feet
lc05.jpg all three rooms used turbosound gear. the main room alone had 34 bassbins
lc06.jpg the jungle room had an interesting layout
lc07.jpg cal from supercal lighting (baltimore) sets the device address on a roboscan 1220
lc08.jpg venom spins in the jungle room
lc09.jpg dj ?? in the jungle room
lc10.jpg timestretch (ian) in the jungle room
lc11.jpg overload (shawn) in the jungle room
lc12.jpg miked on the mic
lc13.jpg ??? spins in the main room
lc14.jpg random hallway shot
lc15.jpg bill grant (bill), bill walsh (bill2) & pete hinchey (peteh)
lc16.jpg the party as seen from lighting console
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