Groove Tunnel - Cambridge, MA - 04.14.95

Free party in the depths of MIT thrown by Phat Buddha and Gearhead.

jimmy's dag's

pictures by dag:

gt01.jpg Karlos and Denise
gt02.jpg Emmy, Breanna, Pomegranate(Sally) and Michelle
gt03.jpg The house room
gt04.jpg Stefan, Kirsten, Donato and Nicole
gt05.jpg Liquid Todd
gt06.jpg Ben, MikeD, ncp(neith), Denise
gt07.jpg Sprockett in the main room
gt08.jpg The WPI crew
gt09.jpg The Tunnel
gt10.jpg Lettuce and Ian (timestretch)
gt11.jpg ?? John Adams (ne-raves list founder), Ben, Neith, Jess, colby
gt12.jpg Fresh Blend spinning in the tunnel
gt13.jpg Tunnel II
gt14.jpg Some guy bugging out
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