How to unsubscribe from a Hyperreal-hosted mailing list

Hyperreal hosts many mailing lists, all of which are legitimate discussion forums and announcement lists. We do not sign people up for mailing lists involuntarily, we do not spam, and we do not run open relays that spammers can use. Most of the lists hosted here are related to regional rave scenes or different genres of music.

All Hyperreal mailing lists are run using software called ezmlm. You may have heard of other mailing list software like Majordomo, LISTSERV, or Mailman. They all work a little differently, but they're all pretty much the same in terms of what they allow you to do. One of the things they do is allow people to join and unsubscribe from a mailing list without the intervention of another human being.

To unsubscribe from a Hyperreal-hosted mailing list, you must know the name of the mailing list you joined. Since you must have joined the list voluntarily, you probably remember what it was called. Was it sfraves? mw-raves? pb-cle-raves? ambient? idm? If you're not sure, the messages you get from the list should have clues as to the list name, either in the Subject: line or elsewhere in the headers.

Once you know the list name, unsubscribing is easy. The procedure is the same as when you subscribed.

Just send a blank email to, and then send an empty reply to the confirmation request that you get back.

So, for example, if you are on the mw-raves list, you can get off by sending a blank email to You'll get an automated request for confirmation back, instructing you to reply if you really want off the list. Reply to this message, and you're done.


If you don't get a confirmation request back, something is wrong. Check to make sure you can receive email at all. Then email the list administrator at

If you did get a confirmation request, but when you sent it in, it said you weren't subscribed, it might be because your email address has changed between the time you joined the list and now. The reply should explain what you need to do. It generally involves figuring out the address you were using when you subscribed (often it's a variation of your current address, like it may have been, whereas now it's Then you follow the instructions above, but send your initial request to

If you're receiving email from any list hosted by Hyperreal, you can find out what address is subscribed to the list by looking at the full headers of the messages coming from the list. To see the full headers, you might need to look in a special place in your email reading software, since they may be hidden from you normally. In Outlook Express, for example, go to File > Properties > Details. In the headers you should see a line that begins with Return-Path:, like this:

Return-Path: <>

Here you can see the name of the list (idm) and the address that this message was initially sent to ( This particular Return-Path header format is unique to messages coming from ezmlm, in case you were wondering.

Once you know what address is subscribed to what list, you can either unsubscribe using the instructions above, or you can reconfigure your email software so that the sender's address on your outgoing mail is the same one you used when you joined the list.

Sometimes your ISP may not accept your outgoing email if you change your address, though. In this case, you need a human being to intervene. Send an email to to contact the person who is in charge of the list, explain to them the situation, being sure to give them your old address, and asking to have it unsubscribed.

Last updated Sunday, 07-Apr-2002 03:01:10 PDT