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1. The Hyperreal Logo and Home Page

Hyperreal home page design by Tan Quach (1999),
incorporating an original "H" logo design by Tom Butcher (1997).
See below for permission to use the logo for linking purposes.

2. 'Hyperreal' the Multimedia Work

[ Hosted by Hyperreal ] Except where specifically stated otherwise...
This collection of resources, its presentation, indexes, and some of its content: copyright 1992–2005 by Hyperreal and the original creators of its contents, as credited within. All other on-site resources, including virtually hosted domains referenced as being part of Hyperreal the Multimedia Work: copyright by their original creators, reproduced as part of Hyperreal via negotiated arrangements. Content reproduced from public newsgroups and mailing lists: copyright by their original authors on dates as indicated.
Permission is not granted to reproduce any part of these resources without permission from the original creators and/or the operator(s) of the respective sections of Hyperreal, as appropriate. It is likewise not permitted to present links to these resources in a manner that could cause confusion as to the ownership of the resources, or that would cause the resources to be viewed alongside commercial advertising (e.g., do not present any part of Hyperreal in the context of an HTML frameset). Non-commercial, honest, ordinary linking is permitted without having to ask first.
See also: Linking Rights by Brad Templeton and Intellectual Property Issues at the Negativland site.

3. Permission to use Hyperreal Logos

Permission is granted to use any of the following logos for linking purposes, provided the use of the logos does not violate any provisions listed in this notice of copyright. In addition, users are free to resize and edit the logos, or derive new logos from them. However, these logos may not be used in any form for any purpose other than in reference to this multimedia work.

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4. Contact for More Information

Any questions regarding copyright at Hyperreal can be sent through the Feedback Form.

* Copyright is inherent to any original creative work.
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