Hyperreal Notice of Copyright

1. 'Hyperreal' the Multimedia Work

Except where specifically stated otherwise...

This collection of resources, its presentation, indexes, and Hyperreal-specific content: copyright 1992– Hyperreal or the original creators of the content, as credited within (actual dates and creators vary). The copyright for all other on-site resources, including virtually hosted domains referenced as being part of Hyperreal the Multimedia Work, is held by the resources' original creators from the date of first publication anywhere; such content is reproduced as part of Hyperreal via negotiated arrangements with the creators. The copyright for content reproduced from external sources, such as public newsgroups and mailing lists, is retained by the original authors from the date of first publication anywhere, regardless of when the content was republished on Hyperreal.

To seek permission to use any Hyperreal content in your own website or other publication, please contact the appropriate content owner, or use the feedback form.

2. The Hyperreal Logo and Home Page

Hyperreal home page design: copyright 1999 Tan Quach, incorporating an original "H" logo design copyright 1997 Tom Butcher.

See below for permission to use the logo for linking purposes.

Permission to use Hyperreal Logos

Permission is granted to modify and use any of the following logos for linking to Hyperreal.

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Owners of websites that are part of Hyperreal are free to use the "hosted by Hyperreal" logo on those sites: [ Hosted by Hyperreal ]

Contact for More Information

Any questions regarding copyright at Hyperreal can be sent through the Feedback Form.

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